Scientific Conferences and Academic Events

AWCA supports wound-related academic events organized in APAC region for Asian delegates. The academic events include conferences, lunch/dinner symposia, lecture or workshops in any wound related fields.

AWCA will cover the cost (flight/accommodation/honorarium) of speakers for those events at maximum of <USD5,000 per event and the speakers should be our council members for the support. AWCA logo and name have to be published or advertised in the event if AWCA is going to endorse the meeting. A free booth in the conference has to be assigned to AWCA, where main Sponsor logos and products will be displayed.  

Applicants are encouraged to officially submit an application form to AWCA at least 3 months before the event. AWCA will evaluate the application/request from the organizer(s) and AWCA President and the Council committee will make the final decision for the level of involvement and budget of sponsorship.