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Message from the President

Welcome to the home of wound care platform in Asia


Welcome to the Asian Wound Care Association (AWCA) website. Asia is the most condensed geographical area on population in the world and diversity of racial background, vast lands and beautiful ethnicities are varied.

With very different cultural backgrounds sometimes led to each Asian country’s own unique and valuable methods developed in accordance with her fast growing population, ageing and complexity.

However, many wound care practices and researches had not been conducted in unity thus far in this region, therefore lots of echoes of stressing the importance of understanding more each uniqueness and potential transformation in more united way brought multiple insights of forming a practical and research-minded specialist groups.

You never be disappointed with the AWCA’s educational activities, scientific meetings and most importantly very heart-warming atmosphere.

I am ready to welcome you to join to this new friendship gathering and your contributions to this will enrich more to the Asian wound care and patients.

Let’s make a new way of solving solutions and bright future together!


With my best regards, Yours faithfully,
Sadanori Akita, MF, PhD.
President of the Asian Wound Care Association
Xiao Bing Fu
President of the Asian Wound Care Association